• Joe Shea

Why CrossFit Is For You

Universally scalable. Tailored. Trainer Led. Coaching. All these descriptions are just some of the reasons that CrossFit is for you and everyone. Let's break them down a little more in depth! Universally scalable: All workouts can be modified. That can be the actual movement, the reps, the time or a combination of all of these.

Tailored: Every workout can and will be tailored to your ability. If it's a more complicated movement, we will switch it out with a simpler one to build your fitness base. If it's weight, we will lower it to match your current fitness level and gradually increase. If the movement cannot be done due to a limitation (injury, pain, mobility), it will be altered to something you can do. Trainer Led: Every class is led by a trainer, your guide for the day. They will take you through a proper warm-up, review movements so they are done correctly & safely and then help you make the proper weight and rep choices. You are never on your own. Coaching: Building off of the last point, is continued coaching. Every session you will receive 1-1 attention and coaching. After the review, your trainer will continue to monitor your movements during the workout. This is done to make sure everything is being done safely #1 and #2 then correctly. Cues will be given. They may even stop you to review again before allowing you to continue. If the weight becomes too much, your coach will make you lower it. At the end of the day, at CrossFit 1727 we want you to get the best workout for you! And if that means altering as discussed above,we are going to do that. We take the guesswork out of the hard work with a unique and professionally designed fitness routine AND nutrition help. Quit going at it alone, we love meeting and working with our community to help them get healthier and stronger. The #1 gym for results. First class is free so what are you waiting for? E-mail:, call/text 508.925.0750 or visit our website:

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