• Joe Shea

Why Aren't I Losing Weight?

If you're struggling to lose weight, you're not alone. In our experience, there are a handful of common reasons as to why you are not losing weight or reaching your goals. The common ones we see are:

1. Not Knowing

We all know certain things are bad for us but often, we see clients who are eating things they believe to be good for them. A lot of this stems from corporate marketing and the remainder from never being taught proper nutrition in school. Granola anyone? Delicious and good for you right? Loaded with sugar.

2. Underestimating Serving Sizes

This is a big one. We often underestimate how much we ate of something, whether good or bad. You will be surprised to know what actual serving sizes look like, compared to what you think or "eye balling" it. Take nuts for example. You're probably eating almonds or cashews for snack and that's great! Way better than chips. However, nuts are very dense calorically. You can easily consume hundreds of calories in a matter of a few handfuls.

3. Lying

For whatever reason (no judgment here), we know clients are lying about their eating habits. It unfortuantely happens often and makes our job difficult when this goes on. They may be upset about their results (0r lack there of) but without honesty, we cannot steer you the right way. 4. Not Working Out Enough

This is the least important of the 4 we've listed but still plays a vital part in your progress. You can obtain very good results through proper nutrition however for optimal results, you'll want to make sure you are coupling that with exercise. A solid 3 days is the minimum we recommend for your health and wellness. Well, there you have it. Our 4 most common reasons as to why you're not losing weight. At CrossFit 1727 we believe in complete health & wellness. Our program uses proprietary methods to help our clients reach their goals. Fitness & nutrition are carefully crafted into one unique and proven system. If you're struggling to lose weight or reach your goal, contact us to learn more about how we can get you on track.

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