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What's A Class Like At CrossFit 1727?

If you've never taken a CrossFit class, you might be wondering: what is a typical day like at CrossFit 1727? The fun part, is that every day is different and every day brings a new challenge! Every session at CrossFit 1727 is led by a trainer who is your guide for the day. They will review the days lesson plan, the workout, the movements and help tailor everything to your ability. You can expect to learn, sweat and have fun! Without further ado, here's a breakdown of a typical session:

Dynamic warm-up: In this initial phase, your trainer will take you through a well rounded warm-up to get ready for the day. This warm-up will include: mobility work and stretching, light cardio and weights all designed to get you stretched, heart rate up and ready for the rest of class.

Mobility Work

Strength or Skill Work: The second phase of class will go into either a strength or skill. This could include sets of squats, deadlifts or presses. Or, we will use this time to work on more difficult movements such as double unders, handstand pushups, pullups or pistols (1 legged squats).

Double Under Practice

WOD (workout of the day): The third phase of class is the WOD and this is your main workout for the day. It can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 25. Somewhere in the middle is most common. This is designed to give you a well rounded workout and will include full body in some capacity, incorporating upper body, lower body, core and conditioning (cardio).

All movements are reviewed and practiced prior to the start and your trainer will help you figure out how much you should be doing (whether weights or reps). Keep in mind, our trainers do not workout with the class, they are there strictly to run class and coach you. As mentioned, every day will be different and you will get a perfectly crafted session to help you get and stay healthy. Each day is designed to give you the highest ROI, incorporating everything you need into a 1 hour session.

Trainer Led Workout

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