• Joe Shea

Up & Over

We have a workout at CrossFit 1727 called "Up & Over" and it is one of our benchmark workouts. A benchmark workout is one we will do several times throughout the year to get data and track progress. If your time gets better (even just a few seconds), we know we're improving with strength and endurance. The workout consists of 5 rounds of 15 deadlifts, 10 bar over burpees and 5 power cleans. It's designed with only 1 barbell, so the deadlifts are moderately light and power cleans moderately heavy. You should be able to move at a pretty good pace on the deadlifts and the power cleans should challenge you a bit. Perhaps even making you do them as singles instead of connected due to the weight. The burpees in the middle will challenge your endurance as well as your mental fortitude.

We really like this workout because it combines lighter and heavier barbell movements with a conditioning aspect from the burpees. You will be gassed and you've never left a small square foot area! We cap the workout at 16 minutes. A high performance time would be under 10 minutes. Give it a try and let us know how you do!

Power Clean

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