• Joe Shea

Fitness Tips For Beginners

We all start somewhere, the important part is just that - starting. Don't overthink it, get moving, ask for help and be consistent. Here are CrossFit 1727's top tips for beginners:

1. Ask Questions: Seek out help, read articles, watch YouTube videos. Don't be afraid to use resources within the health & fitness community. Or better yet, join CrossFit 1727! 2. Focus Simple Movements: Don't over complicate your workouts and focus on simple yet effective exercises. Squats, presses, deadlifts. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. Run,row, bike. And don't forget to seek help on form so you are doing them safely.

3. Go At Your Pace: This is going to take time. Don't worry about your speed, how many reps your doing or how long your workout it. Start small and gradually increase/build up everything.

4. Remember It Takes Time: Be patient, consistent & dedicated. The person you see who looks super fit has been at it a long time, years and years. Don't get caught up in comparing yourself to anyone! Be diligent with yourself and the changes will follow.

5. Don't Neglect Proper Nutrition: This is super important. The real magic begins to happen when you change your dietary habits AND are exercising. At CrossFit 1727 we often have members who come 5 days a week and while they improve and lose some weight, they don't change as much as they hoped...until their nutrition changes. Add in proper nutrition habits and everything starts to come together. Don't forget about rule #1 and seek out help!

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