• Joe Shea

Double Unders

The double under is a jump rope exercise where the ropes passes underneath your feet twice before you land again. It's a difficult movement to learn and takes a lot of practice however it is also a movement that most members really look forward to learning and mastering. Ultimately, there is no real secret to learning the double under but of course there are a few pointers that will be helpful, which we'll highlight below. The biggest factor is consistency. Practicing for 10 minutes a day will help you figure out the timing and rhythm needed to get the double under down. Double Under Pointers -Keep arms tight to your body. The spin of the rope is through the wrists and not the shoulders. Imagine you have a towel pinned between your armpits and you are squeezing to hang onto them. This will force you to stay tight. -Jump higher than you think you need to. This will allow you to feel the rope passing twice.

-Focus your eyes on one spot, choose a place on the wall or another object and focus.

-Once you get the timing down start trying to connect singles with doubles. Generally, it's a good idea to do several singles with a double and work your way down. For example, "single, single, single, double" and continue to connect those. "s/s/s/d/s/s/s/d/s/s/s/d" Once you become proficient, work down to "single,single,double" and then "single,double,single,double" and finally connecting all doubles.

Practicing Double Unders

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