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CrossFit Is For Everyone

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

1. Workouts Can Be Modified

The workouts at CrossFit are universally scalable, meaning no matter your ability, the coach will help modify for you. Whether you have been sedentary, have an old or nagging injury or mobility issues, your trainer will devise a plan just for you.

2. CrossFit Is Based On Functional Movements

The official description of CrossFit is: constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. We start with the basics and build a strong foundation so that you move better (and correctly!). There is an emphasis on running, jumping, squatting, pushing & pulling with each movement designed to make your everyday life easier. Think of bending down to pick up your kids or taking groceries from a bag on the floor to the cabinet up over head. Every workout is preparing you for life's obstacles. We don't use machines that limit your movement pattern but rather exercises that utilize your own strength and range of motion.

3. CrossFit Builds On Community

Ask any consistent CrossFitter and they will tell you the best part of the gym is the relationships they build with other members. Classes are small, energy is high and each person shares a bond over the mutual challenge. Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or a newbie, the environment is welcoming and supportive. It's a place where the person finishing last get's cheered the most.

4. Classes Are One Hour

Sessions are one hour in length so you no longer need to spend hours upon hours at the gym. At CrossFit 1727 we combine the best of each discipline to format a 1 hour class that gives you everything you need in a fitness program. A typical class will include: dynamic warm-up & mobility, strength session, review of movements, main workout and a cool down stretch. Imagine being able to fit all that in

under an hour.

5. Classes Are Led By a Trainer

Every session has a designated instructor that walks you through the class. Each and every movement is reviewed, explained and practiced prior to the workout beginning. The coaching doesn't stop there, throughout the session, the trainer will continue to provide instruction, corrections and cues. Think of a class at CrossFit 1727 as having a personal trainer every single time but at a fraction of the cost.

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