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Coach's Daily Habits (with Coach Pam)

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Today's blog post is going to focus on Coach Pam's daily routine in regards to her nutrition and exercising. Our hope is that seeing what your coaches do, will help to give you some great ideas and also help keep you motivated.

Coach Pam is the wellness teacher in Wayland so to get to school in time, she hit's an early CrossFit class. On days she can't make it to the box, she will use the schools gym to still get a workout in! Prior to the workout is just coffee and immediately after, a protein isolate shake. Roughly 2 hours later she is consuming her egg and veggie scramble, which usually contains 1 whole egg, 1 cup of egg whites and 2 cups of vegetables. (go veggies!). Occasionally if Pam is feeling she needs more carbohydrates, she will mix in 1/2 cup of wild rice. For lunch is a large salad with 5-6oz of a protein source.

After work, this is where Coach Pam get's honest. Once she get's home from teaching, it's late afternoon and sometimes just wants to relax and eat some junk food. To combat this she has figured out what foods help her to keep those urges at bay. This usually includes a slice of gluten free bread and avocado or 1-2 eggs on it. (try it, a good combination of protein, fat & carbs will keep those cravings at bay!). With a busy schedule, 2 kids and a husband, Pam uses Wildtree to make dinner a breeze. Wildtree has a combination of organic ready meals and recipes to simplify cooking and planning.

Outside of these meals, Pam aims to drink 90oz of fluids a day using a variety of sources (water, tea, BCAA's). She also supplements with a multi-vitamin, fish oil, zinc, magnesium (roughly 70% of Americans do not get enough magnesium, more about that in another post) and a probiotic. The importance of food is huge but she also stresses getting enough sleep (Pam prefers a cool dark room) and doing hot yoga to keep mobility up and injuries down.

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