• Joe Shea

7 Misconceptions About CrossFit

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

1. CrossFit is Dangerous

This stigma attached to CrossFit is false and unwarranted. Much of this misunderstanding stems from the study published by the National Strength & Conditioning Association that called into question the safety of CrossFit. CrossFit investigated, discovered fraudulent data and sued the NSCA. CrossFit won the suit, the study was retracted, it's author and editor stepped down and the Judge accused the NSCA of perjury and concealing evidence.

More on this topic, it's important to find a gym that puts safety and technique first. With diligent coaching and caring trainers, you will not get hurt at a CrossFit box. At CrossFit 1727 our number one priority is your safety, it's very common to see our trainers stopping members mid workout to correct posture and form. Fast Fact: runners have a higher injury rate than CrossFitters.

2. You Need To Be "In-Shape" To Do CrossFit

Absolutely not the case. Every workout and movement is scalable and can be modified so no matter what your background you can participate in class. At CrossFit 1727 our trainers will assess your ability and properly scale and modify for you individually. More times than not you will see a wide variety of people in the same class, doing the same workout, just modified to their level.

3. The Workouts Are Too Intense

Yes, the workouts are challenging but that's partly why it works so well. However, circling back to the last misconception: every single workout and movement can and will be modified to your ability so it can be as challenging or not challenging as you can manage.

4. CrossFit is Uber Competitive

Yes and no. There is a super competitive side to CrossFit (if you are thinking of the CrossFit Games) but in class at your everyday box, the competition is healthy. Your classmates become friends and you push each other to be better, to do a little more. The energy in a class is motivational and the camaraderie makes you want to improve everyday.

5. I'm a Woman, CrossFit Will Make Me "Bulky"

Second to hearing you'll get hurt, this is the most common response we hear. You're probably thinking about the popular athletes you see from the CrossFit Games, and yes they are super fit and amazingly chiseled. If you trained with us 3 times a day and followed our strict nutritional regiment we could make you look like that as well. The good news is, the majority of us are seeking overall health and wellness. A flat tummy, toned arms and that highly sought after sculpted booty. Following our program, these are the results you will achieve and not the feared bulkiness.

6. All CrossFit Gyms Are The Same

Unlike franchises, each CrossFit gym is independently owned and operated with no guidelines from HQ on how to operate so each experience will vary from box to box. This allows the owner and coaches freedom to program workouts, design their space, create their environment and lead their staff of trainers based off of their vision.

7. CrossFit is a Cult

Okay, this one is kind of true. But if by cult, you mean a group of like minded individuals who are working together to be better each day then we're okay with that name tag. The camaraderie and friendships you will build in a CrossFit class are unlike any other fitness program.

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